Boards & Committees

Get involved in your local government by volunteering to serve on one of Harrisburg Town Council's advisory boards. Open positions are advertised on this website and through other town communications. 

Town Council has adopted a Code of Conduct to guide conduct of individuals elected to serve on Town Council, as well as those elected or appointed to serve on Town boards and committees. For more information, contact the Town Clerk by EMAIL or 704-455-5614.


Fire Department Advisory Board
This board consists of three persons from the incorporated town area, to be selected by the Board and approved by the Town Council, and two persons from the unincorporated area to be selected by the Board, first approved by the Town Council, with final approval from the County Commission. The members may not be Fire Department employees. In addition, the Advisory Board may recommend that the Town Council appoint an ex-officio (non-voting) member who may be an employee of the Fire Department. The board's primary purposes are to advise the Town Council, Town Manager and the Fire Chief on matters of policy, administration and operations. Additionally, the board will advise the Town Manager and Town Council in financial planning, which shall include the acquisition of equipment, procurement of property construction of new buildings and remodeling current buildings. The Board shall also track the progress of the Fire Department's key objectives as outlined in the annual report and review the Harrisburg Fire Department By-Laws on an annual basis, recommending any changes to Harrisburg Town Council for final approval. The Fire Department Advisory Board meets as needed, typically on the third Thursday of the month at at 6 p.m. at Fire Station One Administrative Building, 6450 Morehead Road. PLEASE NOTE: The Fire Department Advisory Board does not meet every month. Please call 704-455-3574 to verify upcoming meeting dates. 


Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
The Parks & Recreation Advisory Board meets on the fourth Monday of every month (unless otherwise noted) at 6 p.m. in the Harrisburg Town Hall Council Chambers.


Planning & Zoning Advisory Board
The Planning and Zoning Board is a volunteer board consisting of seven members. Six members of the Planning and Zoning Board reside in the Town of Harrisburg, and one member represents the Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction, or ETJ, of the Town of Harrisburg. The Planning and Zoning Board makes recommendations to the Town Council on rezoning cases, major subdivisions, and text amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance. The Planning and Zoning Board does not make final decisions; they are an advisory board whose purpose is to make recommendations to the Town Council regarding land use decisions.

The Planning and Zoning Board also acts as the Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment hears all variance cases, Conditional Use permit requests, and appeals of the Zoning Administrator's decisions. This Board acts as a quasi-judicial body, and makes a final decision on all of the cases brought before them. All documentation brought before the Board of Adjustment must be provided in the form of evidence, and all speakers at a Board of Adjustment meeting are sworn in before providing testimony.

Meetings are held monthly on the third Tuesday of the month at 6 p.m. in the Harrisburg Town Hall Council Chambers.

THERE IS CURRENTLY A VACANCY ON THE PLANNING AND ZONING ADVISORY BOARD. Click here to apply. Applications are due by October 10, 2018.


Town Council Sub-Committees

Town Council has formed sub-committees to advise Council regarding specific issues and programs.


Arts, Cultural & Heritage Committee serves to develop public art programs and expand cultural opportunities to enhance quality of life and support economic development in Harrisburg. Steve Sciascia, Troy Selberg, Toni  WheelerJenschke, Micah Cash, Penny Vaughn, Marc Brun, Jitendra Hiremath


Economic Development Committee serves to encourage local solutions for economic development and quality of life expansion and preservation. Steve Sciascia, Benita Conrad, Rick Russo, John Booth


External Boards
Members of Town Council represent the Town of Harrisburg on several external boards.
Metropolitan Planning Organization Transportation Advisory Council (MPO-TAC) Christopher Barfield, Ron Smith (alt.)
Water & Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County (WSACC) Steve Sciascia, Haynes Brigman (alt.)

Harrisburg Business Alliance (HBA) Steve Sciascia, Troy Selberg