Town of Harrisburg Flag Contest - Top 5 Descriptions

For the first time in the Town’s history, Harrisburg will soon have a flag to serve as a unique icon that represents its people and culture.

Jonathan Andrus proposed the idea of holding a contest to create a Town flag during the public comment section of the March 12, 2018 Town Council meeting. Andrus, Town staff and Town Council reviewed submitted flag designs and narrowed the entries down to the top five. Residents may now vote on their favorite flag design and the flag with the most votes will become the official Town of Harrisburg flag. You can vote for your favorite flag design here:


Flag Descriptions

Flag Design #1

The purple is for the purple-hearted city that we are. The symbol for the Town is in the middle.


Flag Design #2

The flag represents all characteristics of the town. The railroad tracks are prominently showcased as they are the genesis of the town's foundation. Flowing with the railroad tracks are waves that represent the rivers that are also prominent in Harrisburg's history and current development. From left to right above the railroad tracks and river are representations of a naturally wooded and agricultural area (shown with tree lines, silo, and harvested fields) which were the most common land uses historically. From the farmland it rolls into the residential/suburban characteristics of the town (shown by the outline of homes), which has been growing exponentially over the past decade. Beyond the suburban residential areas is the Harrisburg Town Hall showcased as the most recognizable building in town. Moving further right from the Town Hall is additional natural areas and tree lines, with the skyline of Charlotte in the background. Harrisburg having the small town rural characteristics of rolling farmland, but also the developed residential areas and close proximity to the Charlotte metro area make it one of the most desirable places to live in North Carolina, and I think this flag represents all of those elements.


Flag Design #3

Everything I chose to put on this flag symbolizes something important. Although the Harrisburg logo represents us as a whole community, the colors represent the Town’s qualities and values. Dark blue symbolizes knowledge, peace, unity and trust. The green on the logo represents harmony, kindness and growth. Grey means practical, and red represents passion, food, sports and excitement. The green swirl symbolizes a wave of agriculture and innovative prosperity. Harrisburg is a suburban town that is developing into a city, and this flag represents it perfectly.


Flag Design #4

No description


Flag Design #5

The crest in the center derives from the Harrisburg logo. The logo reminds me of the cupola on Town Hall. I wanted to make this element the focal point for the flag. It symbolizes the establishment of the town and its municipality. A vertical banner behind the crest reinforces the cupola imagery, but also shows a depiction of Highway 49. Horizontal lines are used to keep the flag balanced. Four stars are shown to depict the four divisions our residence is categorized: Harrisburg, Cabarrus, North Carolina, United States. The colors of the local public schools are featured on the flag. Navy represents knowledge and wisdom. Gold represents fortune and wealth. White represents peace and harmony.