Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan Update

Cabarrus County and the Town of Harrisburg have partnered to create the Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan. The plan, which is updated every five to 10 years, provides a framework for future development in the Harrisburg Area. The goals expressed in the plan and the corresponding future land use map, which is a graphic depiction of the preferred future development pattern, convey the community’s 20-year vision for the future of the area. The plan is aspirational, yet grounded in the realities of market conditions, natural constraints and infrastructure limitations. The supporting policies presented in the plan further communicate the community’s expectations and guide leadership decisions so the vision can be realized.

The County and the Town are working on updating the 2010 Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan to recognize changing market conditions and recent investments, including the completion of Interstate 485 and new development along Rocky River Road and Highway 49. The updated plan will also encompass the recommendations stated in the recently adopted Morehead West Area Plan. 

The success of the planning process depends on the participation of citizens and other stakeholders. The ideas, observations and opinions that the community members offer are important inputs in crafting a plan that is custom-tailored to fit the Harrisburg Area.

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Community Meeting #1 - November 2, 2017

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Community Meeting #2 - February 6, 2018

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​Community Meeting #3 - April 19th, 2018

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Draft Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan

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