Back Flow Prevention

The Town has contracted with Backflow Solutions, Inc. | BSI Online (BSI) to manage and monitor the Town’s Backflow Program. Water customers will receive their notifications from BSI to have their annual backflow assembly devices tested. For more information about BSI, visit

A change in the system is water customers with backflow assemblies will be given 30 days from the date of the notification letter to have their device tested. Should the customer not be in compliance after 30 days, they will receive another letter giving them 15 days to come into compliance or risk being fined $200.00 per day and possible termination of their water service. Customers may still chose the certified tester of their choice from the Town’s website. The testers are familiar with BSI Online and are aware of this change.


Please contact BSI by calling 1-800-414-4990 or via email at The Town's Backflow Program ORC is Silas Bolen, and he can be reached at 704-455-4669.


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