Street Maintenance

The Town utilizes money from the state of North Carolina's Powell Bill fund to invest in street improvements and conduct street maintenance. In 2009, the Town invested in a Pavement Condition Survey. This survey analyzed the condition of every street that the Public Works Department maintains. The survey then ranked the worst condition streets to the best condition streets. This ranking is  a tool used by the Department in their budgeting and planning process to determine which streets will receive maintenance attention in the upcoming years.

View listing of NCDOT-maintained streets located inside and outside Harrisburg town limits.

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Completed November 1, 2014: Fall 2014 Harrisburg Street Resurfacing Project
All or a portion of the following streets have been 1.5 inch milled and resurfaced with 9.5B asphalt. 

1. Riverfront Dr.
2. Misty Meadow
3.  Timberwood Dr
4.  Vickery Ln.
5.  Kee Ln.
6.  Main St.
7.  Hounslow Ln.
8.  Endsleigh Pl.
9.  Ton Bridge
10. Gin Ct.
11. Sea Island
12. Cotton St.

All or a portion of the following streets have been tacked and resurfaced with 1.5 in. of 9.5B asphalt.
1.   Speed Rail
2.   Speed Rail Ct
3.   Somerset Ln.
4.   Carving Tree

All manholes have been adjusted by the Town of Harrisburg. The following streets received a slurry seal.
1.   Churchill Pl.
2.   Windsor Forest Pl.
3.   Alexander Hill Ct.