Zoning 101

Zoning is a technique used by local governments in land use planning to regulate how land is used and what functions can be performed in businesses located on that land. Property is zoned into commercial and residential uses, so a commercial building cannot be built in a residential neighborhood and vice versa, unless there is a change, or amendment, in zoning ordinances. Additional zoning districts may be added from time to time upon the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Board to the Town Council.

Zoning Districts

The Town of Harrisburg is divided into the following zoning districts:

AG Agricultural District
RE Rural Estate District
RL Residential Low Density
RM-1 Residential Medium Density 

RM-2 Residential Medium Density 
RV Residential Village
RC Residential Compact
B-1 Neighborhood Commercial/Office District 
O-I Office-Institutional District 
CC City Center District 
C-1 Light Commercial and Office District 
C-2 General Commercial District 
CD Campus Development District 
I-1 Light Industrial District 
I-2 Heavy Industrial District 
PID Public Interest District 
PUD Planned Unit Development District 
TND Traditional Neighborhood Development District 
TOD Transit Oriented Development District 

Overlay Districts

Additional requirements are imposed on certain properties within overlay districts, which can be designated within one or more general or conditional zoning district. For instance, buildings within a Historic Overlay District must comply with general and conditional zoning requirements, as well as zoning restrictions that serve to preserve the historic character of the neighborhood.

H Historic Overlay District
F Flood Plain Overlay District
MH-1 Manufactured Home Overlay
MH-2 Manufactured Home Overlay
MHP Manufactured Home Park Overlay
TOZ Thoroughfare Overlay District 

Conditional Zoning Districts

Conditional zoning districts are identical to zoning districts listed above, except that a site plan is required as a prerequisite to any use or development within the conditional zoning district. 

AG-CZ Agricultural Conditional Use District
RE-CZ Rural Estate Conditional Use District
RL-CZ Residential Low Density Conditional Use District
RM-1-CZ Residential Medium Density Conditional Use District
RM-2-CZ Residential Medium Density Conditional Use District
RV-CZ Residential Village Conditional Use District
RC-CZ Residential Compact Conditional Use District
B-1-CZ Neighborhood Commercial/Office District Conditional Use District
CC-CZ City Center Conditional Use District
C-1-CZ Light Commercial and Office District Conditional Use District
C-2-CZ General Commercial District Conditional Use District
CD-CZ Campus Development Conditional Use District
I-1-CZ Light Industrial District Conditional Use District 
I-2-CZ Heavy Industrial District Conditional Use District
PUD-CZ Planned Unit Development District
TND-CZ Traditional Neighborhood Development District
TOD-CZ Transit-Oriented Development District
PID-CZ Public Interest Development District