Neighborhood Developer Meetings

In an effort to better inform Harrisburg residents about proposed development projects, the Town holds monthly Neighborhood Developer Meetings on the third Thursday of each month beginning at 6 p.m. at Town Hall, 4100 Main St. The purpose of these meetings is to allow developers to explain projects, take comments and answer questions. Town staff moderates discussions to ensure that the intent of the meetings is being upheld and that a dialogue is opened between the developer and residents living adjacent to and within a 100-foot buffer of the proposed project. 

The purpose of this meeting is to better inform the public about proposed development projects before those projects are brought before the Planning & Zoning Advisory Board and Town Council. Meetings are designed to allow for public comment and feedback.

The town also sends out notifications via regular mail to adjacent properties within a 100-foot buffer of the proposed project. Meeting agendas are posted on the Town website at least five days prior to the meeting date and publicized on the Town's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Click here to view the latest meeting agenda.

For more information, contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 704-455-0738.

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