The goal of the Adopt-A-Park Program is to build a sense of community, pride and ownership around every park. Adopt-A-Park is a collaborative partnership between the Town of Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Department and groups that wish to build a sense of stewardship and advocacy within the community and parks system.

Who can participate?
The Adopt-A-Park Program is open to individuals, neighborhood associations, civic groups, religious organizations, service organizations, schools (school groups and teams), businesses and other community organizations throughout the Town of Harrisburg.

What are the Adopt-A-Park Guidelines?

  1. The parks/trails will be assigned to groups on a first-come, first-served basis to be determined by the Adopt-A-Park coordinator.
  2. Each group will receive volunteer waiver forms that must be completed on or before each work day. Waiver forms should be returned to the park office.
  3. All participants over the age of 18 will be required to complete a background check form provided by the Town of Harrisburg.
  4. Work is to be completed during park hours only.
  5. Must be a minimum of 10 participants in a group to apply.
  6. All participants should be over the age of 18 or accompanied by an adult.
  7. Groups are to commit to a minimum of 160 hours of work per year.
    1. (Ex. 10 participants X 16 hours per = 160 hours)
  8. Minimum of 40 hours completed before establishing ownership plaque.
  9. Appropriate clothing and gloves for weather and work should be worn at all times.
  10. All participants are to follow the park policies set by the Town of Harrisburg’s Parks and Recreation department. Failure to do so will result in removal from the program.
  11. Special projects that go beyond the scope of regular maintenance must be approved by the Parks and Recreation Director.
  12. Groups that cannot fulfill their commitment to work on scheduled dates will risk being removed from the Adopt-A-Park program.
  13. Have fun and be Safe!!!


  1. Adopt a park groups will be eligible for a recognition/ownership plaque after completing the first 40 hours of work.
  2. All groups will be eligible to attend the annual Volunteer Appreciation Event.
  3. All groups will receive an official Town of Harrisburg Adopt-A-Park program t-shirt to be worn during work days.
  4. Work days and completed projects will be advertised on the town’s website and social media outlets.

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Please contact Harrisburg Parks and Recreation at 704-455-7275.

Sponsorship Opportunities are available!
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