Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements

Harrisburg Town Council has adopted a bicycle and pedestrian plan to improve connectivity in Harrisburg through greenway development, sidewalk and bike lane construction and linking to regional greenways such as the Mallard Creek Greenway and Carolina Thread Trail. The Town and its Council are working to implement the plan.

The bicycle and pedestrian plan, originally developed in 2004, has been updated and Town Council has approved the 2015 Bicycle, Pedestrian & Greenway Plan. The 2004 plan brought over $900,000 in sidewalk grant funding to Harrisburg. It's anticipated that the updated plan will be used to pursue grants and other funding options for increasing the town's network of sidewalks, bike lanes and greenways. 

Two public input sessions were held to gather community input on expansion of Harrisburg's bicycle and pedestrian network, as well as to determine location of greenways and facilities. More than 1,000 citizens responded to an online survey posted on this website. 

Harrisburg Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenway Plan

Harrisburg Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenway Recommendations

Proposed CMAQ Sidewalk Grant Improvements