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It is the mission of the Harrisburg Parks & Recreation to provide diverse year-round leisure opportunities for the citizens of Harrisburg through the preservation of open space, park settings, recreational facilities and programs. These leisure activities are designed to meet the physical, mental, cultural, and social needs of our Harrisburg residents and visitors while enhancing the overall quality of life in Harrisburg.

Harrisburg Parks & Recreation Department and youth sports programs have a longstanding tradition of strong community support and volunteerism. In the early 1990's, volunteers with the Harrisburg Youth Association (HYA) consolidated all local youth sport leagues under HYA with major sponsorships from Land O' Frost and Dick's Sporting Goods. Over time, league participation grew beyond the capabilities of an all-volunteer staff. Harrisburg Parks & Recreation Department was created to meet the growing community need for organized recreational and athletic programs. Today, the Department serves over 3,500 adults and children from Harrisburg and neighboring communities enrolled in year-round sports leagues, recreational sports like tennis and running, and special programs like summer camp, Zumba, karate and more. The Department also hosts over a dozen family events throughout the year, including community concerts, movies in the park, and holiday events.

Several of the current members of Harrisburg Town Council were instrumental in the creation of HYA, including Mayor Steve Sciascia and Mayor Pro Tem Benita Conrad. Harrisburg Youth Association continues to operate as a 501 (c) (3) under town management as a fundraising organization to support and expand recreational opportunities in Harrisburg.

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Harrisburg Parks & Recreation Office

P.O. Box 100
4100 Main St., Ste. 103,
Harrisburg, NC 28075 
Phone: 704-455-PARK (7275)
Fax: 704-455-1416

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm

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Daniel Stines, Parks & Recreation Director


Shawn Marble, Recreation Programs Manager

Adam Abernathy, Park Superintendent

Mike Kirby, Recreation Coordinator

 Erin Kegley, Recreation Coordinator

Daniel Vestal, Administrative Support Specialist

Dale Freeman, Parks Supervisor
704-455-PARK (7275)

Park Staff:

Garrison Quay

Chad Thinnes

Clint Collins

Jeff Boyer