Plan Submission Guidelines

Public Works Department Construction Plan Review Submission Requirements

24” x 36” size plan sheets
Scale: 1”=4’ or 1”=5’ vertical; 1”=40’ or 1” =50’ horizontal

The Town utilizes the following specifications and standards for its infrastructure design:

  1. The Water and Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County (WSACC) Design and Construction Standards for its water and sewer infrastructure.
  2. The Town adopted its own Storm Water Ordinance and Drainage manual. Please reference and utilize these resources in your design, layout, and submission of the storm water design plans. 
  3. A storm water concept plan meeting is required per the Ordinance in advance of submitting construction plans
  4. The Town adopted the Unified Development Ordinance. Roadway design guidelines and street cross-section details are provided for collector, residential, nonresidential, and cul-de-sacs. The Town also utilizes many NCDOT design guidelines for its roadway infrastructure. Please reference and utilize these resources in your design, layout, and submission of the roadway design plans.
  • Water and Sewer design items shall be submitted in one set of plans.
  • Roadway and Storm Drainage design items will be submitted in one separate set of plans.  Roadway plan-views shall be illustrated above the road profile/storm drainage on the same sheet of plans.

Plan reviews will begin once the following items have been received:

  • ​All relevant review fees (i.e. storm drainage review fee, construction plan review fee, etc.)
  • All information needed for reviews to begin have been submitted (i.e. storm drain calculations, WQ plans, details, etc.)

Plan review time is 30 business days from the date a complete set of plans is submitted.

A plan review submittal meeting is required prior to beginning review. No plans will be accepted for review until the submittal meeting has been held with the engineering staff.

Certificates of Occupancy will be issued and Final Plats will be signed ONLY when the following have been received:


  • As-built/record drawings for water, sewer, and storm drainage infrastructure submitted and accepted by the Department. These drawings must be submitted in mylar, hard-copy format as well as in PDF digital format. The Department must have received copies of the water and sewer engineering certifications.

At a minimum, all commercial developments require a backflow preventer with a double-check valve. Reference the Town’s website for the cross-connection ordinance, manual, and details for more information.