Yard Waste & Bulk Item Pick-Up

Yard Waste Collection

The Town of Harrisburg offers weekly collection of leaves, grass and yard waste. The same streets can only be collected once per week. At peak times, such as during autumn leaf collection, pick-up schedules may vary due to increased workload.

  • Leaves and grass must be loose (not bagged) and placed behind the curb (not in the road, but within 4-6 feet of the curb).
  • Leaves and grass cannot be mixed with sticks, rocks, dirt, brush, paper and other debris.
  • If other items are mixed with leaves and grass, the entire load will not be picked up.
  • Yard waste must be at least 8 feet from any sign, water meter, landscaping, mailbox or other stationary object, and away from any low overhead lines.
  • Yard waste consisting of brush must have limbs not to exceed 6 feet in length, stacked loosely with cut ends parallel to the street.
  • Yard waste consists of shrubs or tree limbs, flowers and plants only.

 If yard waste equals less than a truckload, there is no charge. A full truckload (16 feet long x 6 feet wide x 4 feet high) costs $100.00.


Bulk Item Collection Service

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT A BULK ITEM PICK UP REQUEST - Select "Request" on the "Incident Type" drop down box, enter your information and click "Continue." Click on "Be Sure Residential Bulk Pick Up" and please list what bulk item(s) you need picked up in the box that is provided. You may also use the link to file complaints and compliments.

The Town of Harrisburg offers bulk item pick-up on your scheduled service day each week. Bulk item pick-up does not include yard waste collection - leaves, grass, limbs and brush. All bulk item pick-ups must be scheduled using the link above or through Waste Pro at 980-255-3800 at least one day in advance.

Waste generated by private landscaping contractors will not be collected unless arranged by the homeowner for a fee. No debris created by commercial operations will be collected. Harrisburg Town Council reserves the right to change or amend these policies at any time.

If the homeowner does not comply with the guidelines outlined on this website, the yard debris and/or bulk items will not be collected and a notice will be left at the residence explaining why service was not completed. The homeowner may notify Customer Service when corrections are made, or to discuss other arrangements, by calling 704-455-5614.

Bulk items that will be collected by scheduled pick-up are:

  • Small amounts of carpet and padding
  • White goods (washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers)
  • Furniture (beds, sofas, lawn chairs, tables, lighting fixtures)
  • Metal items (lawn mowers, playground equipment) Note that all fluids must be drained. Large items such as playground equipment must be disassembled. Lawn mower must be drained of all gas & oil. No rubber lawn mower tires will be picked up.
  • Doors, windows and decking

The following bulk items will not be picked up:

  • Household garbage
  • Large cardboard boxes (break down flat and place in recycling bins for pick up)
  • Tires, batteries, oil, paint or liquid toxic materials
  • Dead animals
  • Demolition debris, dirt, rock or brick, sod, pavement or concrete
  • Electronics, such as computer monitors, televisions and vacuum cleaners

If bulk items equal less than a truckload, there is no charge. A full truckload (16 feet long x 6 feet wide x 4 feet high) costs $100.00.​