Council Projects & Priorities

Are you wondering what your Town Council is working on? Town Council begins working in January of each year on a budget that reflects goals, priorities and vision for Harrisburg. Through goal-setting, workshops and public hearing, Town Council works toward approving a balanced budget annually in June to enhance town services, create a welcoming business climate, improve and expand infrastructure and continue to enhance quality of life in Harrisburg.

Fiscal Year 2015-16 Goals

  • Increasing community engagement and education through community events and the publication of a quarterly newsletter
  • Continue implementation of Harrisburg's "Right Side of Opportunity brand through gateway construction and development of a wayfinding program
  • Increasing support for economic development recruitment through a structured incentives program
  • Addressing population growth with funding of firefighter positions for Fire Station #3, scheduled to open in late 2015
  • Continue to address aging and outdated infrastructure through street repair/resurfacing program and water line extensions
  • Expand Parks & Recreation facilities that are reaching maximum usage capacities through land purchase for future park sites 
  • Support implementation of the Bicycle, Pedestrian & Greenway Master Plan through Back Creek Greenway easement acquisition
  • Addressing growth in population and town services with additional staffing in the Fire Department, Finance, Planning & Zoning/Economic Development, Public Works and Parks & Recreation