Town of Harrisburg launches Citizen's Academy

Today, few people understand the critical role that professional local government management plays in creating communities that people are proud to call home. A Harris Interactive poll found that while a third of citizens know that professional city managers oversee the day-to-day operations of their communities, only five percent can describe what a professional manager does or the important role he or she plays in shaping a community. The Town of Harrisburg is looking to change that with a new campaign, and we hope you’ll help. Citizen’s Academy is an opportunity to highlight the critical value that professional local government managers deliver to the communities we serve. It is designed to raise public awareness of how professional managers build effective local government and great communities. It also aims to inspire the next generation of professional local government managers. You may already have seen the Citizen’s Academy on our Facebook page that highlights the effective partnership that occurs between elected officials and the professional managers they employ. To continue the momentum of the Citizen’s Academy in Harrisburg we encourage you to do the following:

We look forward to seeing you at the academy!

Tentative Schedule: 6:15pm- 8:30pm (refreshments provided)*
February 21- Introduction, Town History, Governing Body 
March 1- Parks and Recreation
March 7- Fire Department/ Public Safety
March 13 (Monday)-Town Council, Customer Service
March 20 (Monday)- Planning/ Economic Development, HBA
March 28- Public Works/ Engineering
April 10 (Monday)- Council Meeting and Graduation

*schedule is subject to change