2017 Harrisburg Annual High Achievement Award

Every day, the staff for the Town of Harrisburg works together as a team to provide the best possible service to the citizens of the Town.  Frequently, our employees go an extra step in providing service that is above and beyond expectations.
It is in recognition of these exemplary employees that we honor the inaugural recipient of the Harrisburg Annual High Achievement Award.  This award will be for those who exhibit outstanding achievements in the workplace, exceptional contributions toward efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and outstanding service to the Town and its citizens.
Our first recipient of this award, Wayne Krimminger is known for providing excellent customer service in a very difficult field.   Over the last 13 years, he has been known as a dependable employee with a high level of customer service to the Town.  However, his recent efforts to assist a family who were displaced following a minimum housing case were truly above and beyond.  Not only did he work with community members to locate a safe and affordable housing option for this displaced family, he personally provided furniture to place in their new living room and dining room.  His selfless acts have earned him recognition as our inaugural recipient of the Harrisburg Annual High Achievement Award. 
Please help us congratulate Wayne on his selfless service to the Town of Harrisburg.