2017 Transportation Bond Projects


Caldwell Road Extension 

Staff utilized bond transportation funds to hire an engineering firm in 2020 to complete a feasibility study for this corridor. The proposed corridor would expand the Town into the Morehead West Area. The vision for this road would be to provide a North-South connector for Highway 29 and Highway 49. Staff is using the findings from the preliminary study to attract developers and apply for grant funding to construct this road under a cost share. More information about this study area can be found in the Harrisburg Area Land Use Plan (HALUP). Total cost of the study was $60,000. Staff does not have an anticipated construction date for this project, as the Town continues to identify funding sources.

Caldwell Road Sidewalk

Staff worked with design engineering firm Kimley Horn and contractor Red Clay Industries in the design and construction of 1500 LF of sidewalk. The new sidewalk connects two existing sidewalk segments on Caldwell Road from the railroad bridge to Ace Academy. The project also includes a lighted pedestrian crossing. Total cost of the project was $270,000. This project was completed in Spring 2022.

Stallings Road Sidewalk

Staff is working to design and construct sidewalk along Stallings Road to provide a pedestrian corridor from Harrisburg Veteran’s to Flower’s Farm. There are four segments of sidewalk in total in this corridor to be constructed, two of which are being completed by the developers for Camellia Gardens and Harmony Subdivision. Staff is working with Ramey Kemp & Associates and Kimley Horn for the design of the remaining 3300 LF. Total design costs are $100,000 and construction is estimated at approximately $500,000.  Phase 1 construction is planned to be completed in Spring 2023 and Phase 2 construction is planned to be completed in Fall 2023.

Hickory Ridge Road Sidewalk 

Staff is working with Kimley Horn to conduct a feasibility study for a sidewalk to connect Stallings Road to existing sidewalk near HRMS. The proposed sidewalk will have a pedestrian bridge crossing across Back Creek and tie into the future Back Creek Greenway. Staff is using the feasibility study to apply for grant funding for the project. The feasibility study will cost $30,000 but is anticipated to greatly reduce design and construction costs.  The Town does not have a final construction timeline for this project as we work to identify additional funding sources. 

Harris Depot Sidewalk 

Town Staff designed the Harris Depot Sidewalk in-house and utilized Protech Mechanical for the construction of this sidewalk that connects Highway 49 to Harris Depot Park. The cost of this sidewalk was under $35,000. This project was completed in 2020. 

Davis Creek Greenway

Design is underway for the Davis Creek Greenway which will have a pedestrian connection to Town Center and the Harrisburg Village Greenway trail. Design and Construction are budgeted for $400,000. Design is expected to be complete in Summer 2023 and construction complete by Spring 2024. 

Back Creek Greenway

Staff is working through easement acquisition for the Back Creek Greenway. Design of Phase 1 will utilize the remaining bond transportation dollars set aside for Greenways, budgeted for $75,000. Design of Phase 1 is expected to be complete in Summer 2023. Actual construction timeline for this project is contingent on the Water and Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County’s ongoing projects in the same area.

Davis Creek and Town Center Road Connection 

Davis Creek subdivision extended Cambridge Drive, however for better access to Town Center, the Town is utilizing existing right of way to connect Carl Parmer Drive and Cambridge Drive. This will provide a vehicular and pedestrian connection to new and existing neighborhoods and allow access to Town Center. Design and engineering are anticipated to cost approximately $750,000.  Design is currently underway and expected to be completed in Summer 2023 and construction is expected to be complete by Spring 2024. 

Pavement Resurfacing

The Town contributed 1 million dollars of the bond funding to pavement resurfacing, which was contributed in addition to the annual state Powell Grant of approximately $400,000. The Town repaved a significant number of streets with the additional funding including Main Street! This project is complete. 

Highway 49 Phase 1 Improvements 

The Town adopted the Highway 49 Improvement Plan in 2021. The plan provided a road map to reducing congestion, improving vehicle safety, and improving pedestrian facilities on Highway 49. Another overall goal of the plan was to improve the aesthetics of the corridor with median plantings and other amenities. Design of Phase 1 of these improvements is underway and will encompass the closure of one turn lane into the Food Lion shopping center and extension of Financial Way. Design and construction are budgeted for $500,000. Design is planned to be completed by December 2022 with construction wrapping up in Summer 2023.