Cabarrus Woods Waterline Improvements

This project proposes waterline replacement in the Cabarrus Woods subdivision. The project would replace thin-walled PVC and small diameter waterline pipes that remain throughout the system that the Town took over from a private utility company. The Town proposes phasing the project across three fiscal years. Phase 1 design in FY22, Phase 2 Design and Phase 1 Construction in FY23, and Phase 2 Construction in FY24. Phase 1 of the project includes design of approximately 2,200 LF of 10" diameter water line and 8,000 LF of 6" diameter water line throughout Cabarrus Woods. This project will require coordination with NCDOT as the roads are not in the Town maintenance system.
The Wooten Company, an engineering and design firm, will provide topographic survey, subsurface utility exploration, preliminary research of easements and rights-of-way, contract plans and specifications, permitting services and bidding services. There is a small allowance for construction phase services in the contract, such as responding to RFI's.
Town staff utilized a request for proposal selection process for this project and evaluated the six respondents on their previous work experience, project management team experience, ability of the team to complete within the schedule, and understanding of the project. Town staff was impressed with the level of understanding from Wooten, and the alternative design analyses that were proposed. The design contract is expected to be awarded in Fall of 2021 and a construction contract for Phase 1 in Summer 2022.