FY 2022 ADA Improvements

The Town finalized Phase 1 of the ADA Transition plan in 2021 with the Fiscal Year Budget Cycle, which provided $100,000 of funding every year for 10 years to make ADA improvements throughout the Town.  The Town developed prioritization methodology for evaluating and implementing improvements based on the 2010 ADA Standards AND 2011 Proposed Accessibility Guidelines for Pedestrian Facilities in Public Right-of-Way (PROWAG).

Here’s what we are working on this fiscal year:

  • Improvements to School Circle: The existing sidewalk at School circle does not meet accessibility standards due to the excessive cross slope, lack of truncated domes and excessive cracking and separation at sidewalk joints.  This are was prioritized due to being close proximity to community centers. 
  • Improvements to ramps on Carl Parmer: existing ramps did not have a proper landing and did not have truncated domes.  Town Staff will be working through the rest of the neighborhood making sidewalks compliant as more budget becomes available. 

Check back for other improvements with this years budget as items are identified!  If you have an area that needs improvement, please contact customer service 704-455-5614