Police Feasibility Study


Harrisburg Town Council approved the Police Feasibility Study on October 11, 2021. The US ISS Agency, LLC (ISS), presented the Police Feasibility Study for Harrisburg to consider beginning a full-service police department to deliver police services to the community and residents of Harrisburg.

Currently, the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is the primary law enforcement agency for Cabarrus County. Harrisburg contracts with the Sheriff's Office to provide police services for the Town and residents. In addition, the CCSO provides full police services to the towns of Midland, Mount Pleasant, and the unincorporated areas within Cabarrus County.

This study does not examine the level, or quality of police services delivered at present by the Sheriff’s Office to the Town of Harrisburg. Using pragmatic approaches and the best available data, this study defines service policies, staffing needs, equipment, facilities, and other resources that Harrisburg needs to operate its own police department to provide these services. Under the best of circumstances, this is a complex task, involving multiple issues, but the emphasis of this plan is on the following points.

  • Identify the benefits and challenges associated with the Town starting its own police department to provide the full array of police services to the Town and its residents.
  • Prepare a plan that details the organizational changes and additions necessary for the Town to provide the full range of law enforcement services to its citizens.
  • Develop an organizational structure for the department, including positions and functions.
  • Define workload and provide estimates for staffing, equipment, physical facilities, and other resources needed to provide full police services.
  • Develop recruiting strategies for hiring the required staffing to provide these services.
  • Identify training gaps and needs when employing experienced staff.
  • Prepare a timeline or schedule for the project.
  • Provide estimated costs for the project, identify both startup costs and operating costs, as well as a proposed implementation plan.