Harrisburg Park Splash Pad


Welcome to the Harrisburg Park Splash Pad   

The Splash Pad is Closed for the Season. 

Monday, September 4 - CLOSED FOR 2023 SEASON

Dates are tentative and subject to change, as/if necessary. See below for known date/time exceptions. 

Follow/check Town of Harrisburg social media sites for updates on closures due to inclement weather or other unexpected events.

Continue reading below for hours of operation, location, ticket options, and additional information.

   Parents/Guardians are required to supervise their own children at all times. Although we do have staff at the splash pad to check attendees in, clean between waves, and sell concession items, the staff does not supervise the splash pad during each wave. 

Children should NOT be allowed on the splash pad without adult/parental supervision! The slide is a highly utilized feature that often requires additional parental/guardian supervision. Please instruct children to wait for their turn without crowding the top. We appreciate your assistance with this for the safety of all the children! 

Splash Pad Entry Options:

Walk-up and Pre-registration spots will be available for each "wave" time until capacity is met (maximum = 100 people/wave). We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE pre-registration to guarantee entry. Entry tickets are required for all adults and children (12 months and older) who will be inside the fenced splash pad area.

  • 50 Walk-up spots will be available for each 2-hour wave. Walk-up ticketing will begin approximately 10-15 minutes prior to the start of each wave at the Splash Pad window. All adults and children 12 months and older who wish to enter the fenced splash pad area need to have a ticket. All walk-ups must be present at time of ticketing.
  • 50 Pre-registration spots will be available for each 2-hour wave. Pre-registration for tickets is highly encouraged to secure entry! An individual may pre-register for up to nine tickets per wave. Pre-registrations that exceed this limit are subject to cancelation (or additional fees). All adults and children 12 months and older must be included in ticketing pre-registrations. If you do not cancel or show up within 15 minutes of the beginning of your pre-registered wave time slot, your tickets will be released. NOTE: If you are unable/do not plan to use your pre-registered time slot tickets, please cancel to allow space for others - see below. 
    • CLICK HERE TO PRE-REGISTER! (typically available as of mid-May)

    • Canceling your pre-registration tickets: If you have pre-registered and will not be using some or all of your tickets, please notify Parks & Recreation to cancel your reservation and release the tickets for someone else to use. Email [email protected] with the number of tickets to cancel, name the tickets were registered under, and date and time of the tickets. Thank you!
  • Group Ticket Requests - A group is considered any gathering of 10-30 people. A limited number of specific "waves" will be available for group ticket requests and must be coordinated through the Parks and Recreation office. Group requests are typically available for request approximately one month prior to season opening date and will continue until all dates/times are full. See below for additional information regarding group ticket requests.   

Daily Time Slots ("Waves"): 

  • Wave 1: 10am to Noon (Monday through Saturday only)
  • Wave 2: 12:30pm to 2:30pm
  • Wave 3: 3pm to 5pm
  • Wave 4: 5:30pm to 7:30pm

The Splash Pad will NOT open until 12:30pm on Sundays, so there is no 10am to Noon wave on Sundays.

Anyone pre-registered for more than one wave must leave the splash pad between each session to allow staff to re-set the area, check the splash deck, and monitor capacity. 


Town of Harrisburg Taxpaying* Residents: Free *"Harrisburg Taxpaying Resident" refers to residents who live within Town of Harrisburg City Limits AND pay the additional Harrisburg City Tax. Your home address determines your taxpayer status. You will provide your address when you pre-register and/or when signing in as a walk-up. 

Non-Harrisburg Taxpayers: $3 per person (children under 12 months are free) - This fee applies to anyone who resides outside the Town of Harrisburg City Limits and does not pay the additional Harrisburg City Tax. 

Group Tickets: $3 per person regardless of taxpayer/residency status (children under 12 months are free) - see below for details.

Group Ticket Purchase Information: The Splash Pad is not a party facility. A group ticket purchase does not guarantee tables or allow for party set-ups. Please consider renting a picnic shelter if you would like to decorate for a birthday party and/or have guaranteed table seating for serving food such as pizza and cake. The tables in the covered breezeway are for public use and may not be "saved" or reserved but can be used for lunches, cupcakes, etc. on a first-come, first-served basis.  

  • A limited number of group ticket opportunities are available for specific dates and times in June and July. One group ticket reservation will be allowed per date/time shown below.
  • Group ticket maximum is 30 (adults included). A minimum of one adult to every 10 children is required for supervision.
  • Group ticket requests are handled directly through the Parks & Recreation office and form must be submitted at least one week ahead of requested ticket date
  • Group Ticket Request Form (available approximately one month prior to season opening date) - Send an email to [email protected] to request a fillable pdf form or come to the Parks & Recreation office to complete a paper copy. Submitted request forms will be reviewed in the order they are received and approved requests will be finalized on a first-paid basis.

One group ticket purchase will be approved for each of the following options. As requests are approved and times are no longer available, they will be crossed through. Please do not submit a request for dates/times that are not available. 

Tuesdays:  June 10am-12pm | June 10am-12pm | July 11 10am-12pm | July 25 10am-12pm

Wednesdays:  June 14 10am-12pm | June 28 10am-12pm | July 12 10am-12pm | July 26 10am-12pm

Thursdays:  June 15 10am-12pm | June 29 10am-12pm | July 13 10am-12pm | July 27 10am-12pm

Saturdays:  June 17 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm | July 8 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm | July 22 10am-12pm and 3pm-5pm 

Sundays:  June 18 3pm-5pm | July 9 3pm-5pm | July 23 3pm-5pm

Days of Operation: 

The Splash Pad will be open 7 days a week, but blackout dates and times will occur as necessary for our event calendar (see below). The Splash Pad will not open until 12:30 on Sundays (no wave 1). The anticipated opening date for each summer is June 1st. The last operating date for the season will be posted once officially determined but is typically the first weekend in September.  

Note the following date and time exceptions to our daily schedule. These exceptions will be adjusted as/when needed. 

Location: 191 Sims Parkway, Harrisburg NC 28075 (inside Harrisburg Park) 

The Splash Pad is located to the left of the breezeway on the opposite side of the playground. Walk directly through the breezeway/covered walkway and turn left to access the Splash Pad window. An attendant will check you in. Please bring your pre-registration via a printed ticket OR present on your smartphone and proof of address.


The splash pad will be vacated at the first sign of lightning or thunder. Patrons are to seek shelter immediately in their vehicle or return home. Splash pad will not re-open until 30 minutes after the last sign of lightning or thunder has been confirmed. NO REFUNDS will be given. Rain checks will be given if less than 1-hour has passed in the affected wave time. 

Closures and Emergencies:

The Splash Pad is subject to closure without notice due to any severe weather emergencies, equipment malfunctions, health-related emergencies, or other unforeseen issues as deemed appropriate by staff. NO REFUNDS will be issued due to unexpected closures. Rain checks may be given if less than 1-hour has passed in the affected wave time.  

Health and Safety Rules and Regulations:

  • Children under the age of 16 must be under adult supervision within the splash pad area at all times. 
  • Children who are not potty trained must wear swim diapers and must wear appropriate swim bottoms to cover up swim diapers. 
  • Individuals who are feverish, experiencing nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, have open sores, cuts or rash, or are feeling any other signs of illness should not use the splash pad.
  • Children and adults not following staff instructions or policies may be asked to leave and not allowed to re-enter. No refunds will be given due to inappropriate behavior.
  • The rules and regulations noted on this page are in addition to all Harrisburg Park/Town of Harrisburg's general rules, regulations, and ordinances.

The Following Items/Activities are Prohibited:

  • Drinking, spitting or spouting splash pad water from the mouth
  • Running, pushing, rough play, or profanity
  • Inflatables, pool toys, outside furniture or other recreational equipment 
  • Glass bottles of any kind
  • Alcohol of any kind
  • Smoking, vaping or e-cigarettes (or any other kind of tobacco product).
  • Playing music, videos, or other audibles from radios or other devices including smartphones and tablets
  • Skateboards, skates, razors, rollerblades, scooters, bicycles, etc. 
  • Firearms and weapons of any kind 
  • Soaps, detergents, shampoos or other similar products
  • Animals of any kind (except Service Animals with proper documentation) 

These rules and regulations are in addition to the Harrisburg Park Rules and Regulations and are not a complete listing of all rules and regulations pertaining to park land and facilities. Individual facilities contain their own unique set of rules and are posted at individual facilities or can be found in the Town of Harrisburg Code of Ordinances. The Town of Harrisburg is NOT responsible for any injury, damage to personal property or theft while using the splash pad facility. 

For questions, please call Harrisburg Parks & Recreation at 704-455-7275.