Sustainability Advisory Board



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Meeting agendas are posted three to five days prior to the scheduled meeting date. Minutes are posted after the meeting has been held and minutes have been approved, usually following the next regularly scheduled meeting.

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Faith Silva, Chair (Term Expires: 2023)

Keziah Hubler, Vice Chair (Term Expires: 2023) 

Michelle Abbott (Term Expires: 2023)  

Ken Huster (Term Expires: 2024)

Glorisha Jones (Term Expires: 2023)


The Sustainability Advisory Board is a volunteer board consisting of up to members who live in and/or around the Town of Harrisburg. The mission of the board is to coordinate, initiate and promote sustainability within the Town of Harrisburg and its surrounding areas. The board’s specific areas of focus are to:

  • Advance and encourage environmentally sustainable practices and ideas within the Town, including, but not limited to Town operations and facilities, new development, Town ordinances governing construction and development, local businesses, local homeowner’s associations and neighborhoods and individual citizens.
  • Collaborate with Town planners to create a long-term sustainability plan for the Town.
  • Work cooperatively with the Town of Harrisburg and all Harrisburg advisory boards to promote sustainability practices.  
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations to Town Council regarding laws, ordinances and rules which promote sustainability.
  • Improve natural environment through the incorporation of sustainable best practices for the Town’s land use and management, storm water infrastructure and tree canopy.
  • Strengthen the Town’s economy through initiatives that foster sustainable business practices, reinvestment in vacant storefronts and green purchasing policies.
  • Encourage healthy living through the expansion of parks, walking trails, bicycle lanes and wellness programs and preservation and development of open space.
  • Provide community education and engagement.

Town Council Liaisons

  • Council Member Rodney Dellinger
  • Council Member Ian Patrick (alternate)

Town Staff Liaisons

  • Lee Connor - Deputy Town Manager