Grading Inspections

Effective July 1, 2019, A lot grading plan is required when any grading project is proposed within the Town of Harrisburg, including lot grading that is part of a larger overall development. Individual lot grading that is not consistent with the approved stormwater management and grading plan creates problems for neighboring property owners. 

A lot grading plan may also be required when a property owner changes the existing grade of their property, such as to add a swimming pool, retaining wall, outbuilding, or patio. The Town of Harrisburg Engineering Department will review all zoning clearance permit applications to determine if a grading review and inspection are warranted. If you have any questions or concerns over what warrants a grading permit, please contact Brad Hill at [email protected]

Helpful Documents and Forms

Lot Grading Permit Instructions

Grading Permit Application

Sample Lot Grading Plan

Grading Inspection Checklist 

Certificate of Grading Form for Surveyor or Engineer