Travel & Training

Per Diem Rates: 

1. A per diem will be used for all travel related to Town business unless otherwise approved. Print and attach a copy of the per diem rates for your destination to this request.

2. The first and last days of the trip are reimbursed using the GSA’s "First/Last" amount. This replaces all meals and incidentals on the first and last days of the trip.

3. If travel is related to a conference or class, print and attach a schedule or itinerary. Meals provided by a conference are not eligible for reimbursement above.

4. Town vehicles should be used for travel unless otherwise approved. Print and attach a trip summary which clearly identifies beginning and ending addresses and total miles traveled for mileage reimbursement requests.

5. All other claims must be valid business expenses documented with a receipt.

6. Payment may be submitted before or after a trip has occurred. It is the supervisor’s responsibility to notify the Finance Department if a trip is canceled or adjusted.

7. Complete a Check Request and attach this form and all supporting documents for payment. Incomplete submissions will be rejected and will result in a delay of payment.

Travel and Expense Reimbursement Form