Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

What is Illicit Discharge? 

Federal Regulations define illicit discharge as "any discharge that is not composed entirely of stormwater."  Illicit discharges can come from a variety of sources, such as improper oil disposal, radiator flushing disposal, laundry wastewaters, sanitary wastewater, car wash wastewaters, and improper disposal of household toxics. When toxic chemicals enter our storm drains, the quality of receiving water bodies is significantly degraded. This can pose a threat to aquatic life, wildlife, and human health. 

How is the Town working to prevent illicit discharge? 


According to the Town's Unified Development Ordinance, "No person shall cause or allow the discharge, emission, disposal, pouring or pumping directly or indirectly to any storm water conveyance, the waters of the state or upon the land in a manner and amount that the substance is likely to reach a storm water conveyance or the waters of the state, any liquid, solid, gas or other substance, other than storm water."

Outfall Management

Check back soon for a link with a map of the Town's stormwater outfalls. 

How can the community help? 

See something, Say something!

Don't be afraid to report illegal dumping. Call Customer Service at 704-455-5614 with stormwater concerns. 

Storm Drain Stenciling

Do you have a group of volunteers that would like to raise awareness to prevent dumping to our streams and rivers? Contact the engineering department if you are interested in organizing a group to Stencil Storm Drains.