Meet the Staff

Daniel Stines, Parks and Recreation Director:

Daniel Stines

About Daniel....

Daniel is married, with one awesome daughter! He has four dogs and him and his wife are full full-time caregivers for Daniel’s mom of 84. Daniel has always enjoyed serving others, so public service comes naturally to him. His family attends Myers Park United Methodist Church, where his wife serves on the staff. Daniel feels truly blessed and thankful to be living in the great U.S.A. 

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys working on project cars, hiking, backpacking and anything related to the outdoors. He is passionate about home and they are continuously working on their two-hundred-year-old farmhouse.

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is the staff. The staff in the department are amazing. "We have staff, whom have been here since the department was created. They are dedicated and thoughtful. Harrisburg is a unique community with vast potential." - D.S.

Daniels other interests include projects.... did he mention projects? Him and his wife love to travel and perform mission work. They have been to 7 countries on three continents in their first 5 years of marriage.

Shawn Marble, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director:

Shawn Marble

About Shawn....

Shawn has been married for 8 years to her husband, Colten. They have one beautiful and curious daughter who just turned 6. Family always comes first to Shawn. She is happiest when spending time with her husband, daughter, their dog Rosie and any of her family and friends! Shawn is a proud graduate of NC State University.

In her spare time, Shawn enjoys cooking, taking her daughter on new adventures, playing games and walking. She also enjoys decorating their home and dreaming up home projects that may or may never happen!

Her favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is the people she works with. Shawn has been with the Town almost 12 years. She considers her co-workers her friends and they make her job fun! She also enjoys the relationships she has developed with members of the community and seeing folks enjoying the events, programs and activities the department organizes. 

Shawn enjoys being a mother first and foremost and enjoys taking care of the ones she loves. She is an organizer by nature and this career allows here to do what she is innately good at!

Mike Kirby, Recreation Coordinator:Mike Kirby

About Mike....

Mike has been married to his wife, Julie, for 25 years. They have two children, Grace (21) and Bennett (19) who both attend Liberty University. 

In his spare time, Mike enjoys golf and Motocross. 

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is interacting with the children of our community through our athletic program. 

Mike also enjoys reading, bowling and water polo! ;)

Erin Kegley-Parris, Recreation Coordinator:

Erin Kegley

About Erin...

Erin is a sports fanatic who loves dogs and is a Disney Princess at heart. She started her passion for sports at a young age dreaming of being a professional baseball player but instead became a Collegiate Softball Player at Charleston Southern University and LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!  Through her life’s journey, she has grown to LOVE Duke basketball (Mike Kirby and I do not see eye to eye on that). She is so grateful to have found the career of my dreams and is proud to call herself a parks and recreation professional. 

In her spare time, Erin loves to work out, hang out with her family, friends and their four-legged fur babies, and try to play golf!

Her favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is being able to provide great events and sports leagues to a community where she grew up...well, just down the road from Harrisburg. Also, her co-workers are like her family and make work a fun place to be!

Erin also loves the St. Louis Cardinals, putting puzzles together and traveling to her favorite cities or new cities whenever she has the chance!

April Sloop, Events and Marketing Coordinator:

April Sloop

About April...

April was born in Charlotte, NC and married her elementary school crush. Together they have smiley baby boy named Aiden J (AJ) and a spoiled pup named Luna!

In her spare time, she enjoys running, binging a good Netflix series, and spending time with family and friends.

Her favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is being able to serve the community that raised her. Although she’s from right outside of Harrisburg, She spent a majority of her childhood participating in activities that the Town of Harrisburg hosted. From cheering on the Harrisburg Cowboys, participating in the Harrisburg 4th of July pageant, to volunteering at multiple events the town hosted, etc. Harrisburg is home to her.

April also is passionate about women’s health and has recently started a project called "The Little Village Project".’ This project creates support and safety for mothers in the greater Charlotte area by donating care packages full of essential items for not only the little ones, but for the mamas as well.

Daniel Vestal, Administrative Support Specialist:

Daniel VestalAbout Daniel....

Daniel is a graduate of ECU. Go PIRATES! Daniel graduated with a degree in Parks and Recreation with an Outdoor Recreation concentration. He is originally from the foothills of Boone, in a little town called East Bend, NC, in Yadkin County. He met his wife at ECU. They have lived in Greenville, NC, Raleigh, NC and now live in Fort Mill, SC. They welcomed their first child, Oliver, on November 9, 2019. He was over 10 lbs! They also have two cats or one cat and a cat that thinks she is a dog. Casper is a flame point Siamese and Delilah is a black and white domesticated short hair. 

Daniel enjoys working in the yard, whether mowing grass, weed eating, or trimming the hedges. He has been playing the drums on and off since he was 16. He also enjoys hiking, going to concerts, attending Comi-cons, visiting theme parks, and relaxing with the cats while streaming TV. 

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is building partnerships with local agencies such as the public libraries, churches and other facilities. He relishes the opportunities he has when he is able to give back to the community, whether it’s providing a program for the Harrisburg Branch Library on wild, disgusting and often misunderstood creatures to manning a ticket booth at the 4th of July Celebration. Most recently has been posting Environmental Education and Nature Education videos on the Town of Harrisburg's social media. He hopes to one day obtain a Certification in Environmental Education and help foster a new generation of parks and recreation enthusiasts that enjoy being outdoors among the wildlife.

Adam Abernathy, Parks and Facilities SuperintendentAdam Abernathy

About Adam...

Adam was born and raised in Valdese, NC. He is married with two children and a dog.

Adam enjoys biking, traveling and exploring the outdoors.

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is the number of different tasks and events he gets to participate in and work with. 

Adam also enjoys wood working, home improvement projects and being with his family!

Scott Sizemore, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor:

Scott Sizemore

About Scott...

Scott is from Wilkesboro, NC, moved to the Concord area in 2005. He has a beautiful wife, Heather, and 2 boys, Barrett and Kolton.

When he is not busy. He spends his spare time coaching a baseball team, working with the kids, and improving baseball fields.

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is making the parks look as good as possible for the residents of Harrisburg. Not to mention the people he works with!

Scott also enjoys playing golf and fishing with his 2 boys.

Garrison Quay, Facilities Maintenance Specialist:

Garrison Quay

Chad Thinnes, Facilities Maintenance Specialist: 

Chad Thinnes

About Chad....

Chad is 37 years old and is married with two children.

He enjoys hanging out with his family.

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is being outside in nature.

Clint Collins, Facilities Maintenance Specialist:

Clint Collins

About Clint....

Clint loves the outdoors!

He enjoys going off road, hunting and fishing. He also enjoys writing and reading.

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is experiencing new things. 

Jeff Boyer, Facilities Maintenance Specialist:

Jeff Boyer

About Jeff...

Jeff is a race car driver turned mower driver!

He enjoys going off road, fishing, doing yard working and watching football.

His favorite thing about working for Harrisburg Parks and Recreation is having great co-workers.

Andy Lombi, Facilities Maintenance Specialist:Andy Lombi

George South, Jr, Maintenance Supervisor - Buildings and Grounds:

George South JrDonna Whitley, Custodial Worker:Donna Whitley