Current Projects

On this page, you will find all the current rezoning cases that has been filed with the Town's Planning and Zoning Department.  All cases found on this page will be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Board and the Town Council, and will require approval by the Town Council before proceeding with construction. Visit archived project for previously approved rezoning projects. Also visit Map of Current Projects to view ALL active projects in Harrisburg

H2018-08-(R) Camellia Gardens (Shea Homes)

This proposed rezoning consists of approximately 44 acres on the south side of Stallings Road. The applicant is requesting to rezone the property from RE, Rural Estate District, to CZ-RV, Residential Village - Conditional Zoning District. The purpose of the rezoning request is to allow for the development of a single-family detached residential subdivision consisting of 157 homes. Properties to be rezoned are:

  • 3847 Stallings Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075 (PIN: 55170390420000)
  • 3923 Stallings Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075 (PIN: 55170235250000)
  • 3925 Stallings Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075 (PIN: 55170347420000)
  • 3975 Stallings Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075 (PIN: 55170245910000)
  • 4025 Stallings Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075 (PIN: 55079363640000)
  • 6931 Hickory Ridge Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075 (PIN: 55079255470000)

Current Status

Town Council will open the Public Hearing on July 8, 2019, but upon request from the applicant, the Public Hearing will be recessed until the August 12, 2019 Council meeting. Staff presentation and Town Council decision will not take place until the August 12 meeting; however, public comment will be taken during both the July 8 and August 12 meetings.


Additional Information

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