Please join us for our 2023 Harrisburg July 4th Celebration!

Park & Walk Lots

Park and walk sites are situated very close to Harrisburg Park and will be formalized with signage and parking attendants to help lower possible traffic issues and maximize the amount of vehicles each site will allow.

Oak Grove Baptist Church - 200 Sims Parkway, Harrisburg NC 28075. ADA Accessible parking only - First Come First Serve. Golf cart shuttles will be available from this location.  Thank you to Oak Grove Baptist Church for offering this service this year!

Z-Max Boulevard: 5245 NC-49, Harrisburg, NC 28075. Access this location from Highway 49 and the parking will be located in the long, narrow field on the left side of Z-Max Boulevard. 

600 Racing: 5245 NC-49, Harrisburg, NC 28075. Access this location from Highway 49 by turning down Z-Max Boulevard and following signage and parking attendants to the large field located behind the 600 Racing building. 

6765 Harris Depot Rd. Harrisburg, NC 28075:  Park in the grassy lot at this location.   To get to Harrisburg Park, walk up towards Hwy 49, take a left on Oakley Dr., walk to the end of Oakley and take a left on Sims Pkwy.  Enter Harrisburg Park through the main park gate.  This location is park at your own risk. 

Harris Depot Park (home of the Harrisburg Farmers Market): 6960 Harris Depot Road, Harrisburg, NC 28075. You can not access Harrisburg Park from the Harris Depot side . You can park here and watch the fireworks OR walk up Harris Depot Road and take Oakley into Harrisburg Park. You can not walk through the woods into the park as you have been able to do in past years. The wooded area is considered a "Fall out Zone for fireworks."

Some local businesses and churches may allow event parking as well, first come first serve: Harrisburg United Methodist Church is available for parking and is a walkable distance to Harrisburg Park. 


PLEASE NOTE: We are not offering shuttle service from Hickory Ridge Middle School or Hickory Ridge High School this year.

NEW for 2023:  We will have two motorcoach buses running a loop from Parking Lot Q at Charlotte Motor Speedway to Harrisburg Park. 

Shuttle Service:

July 3rd: 5pm to midnight (no service from 9pm until 9:45pm due to fireworks)

July 4th: 5pm to midnight (no service from 9pm until 10pm due to fireworks)

Shuttles will arrive approximately every 30 minutes. Please give ample time to get the shuttle bus to Harrisburg Park! 

Parking Lots:

*Look for the signs marked Shuttle Drop Off/Pick Up!

Parking Lot Q at Charlotte Motor Speedway:  6189 Performance Drive SW, Harrisburg, NC 28075

  • From Charlotte/Concord:  From Hwy 29/Concord Parkway S. to Morehead Road East to Performance Drive (turn right) to 6189 Performance Drive SW (on left) 

Motorcoaches are family friendly and do have storage. These are the best way to travel to and from Harrisburg Park if you want direct access into Harrisburg Park. One motorcoach is handicapped accessible. 

Drop off / Pick Up in the Park will be at the top of the amphitheater lawn. Signage will denote the area and staff will be on site to help with Shuttle Drop Off/Pick Up. 

Please be patient at the end of the night. We understand lines for the buses may form, but we will make sure everyone is returned to their vehicle. 

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