Fireworks Viewing Locations


If you enjoy the fireworks during the July 4th Celebration, but prefer to not partake in the festivities in Harrisburg Park, we are happy to offer park and view locations. We have ranked the locations based on the amount of the fireworks shows you will be able to see from each site.

The fireworks show on July 3rd is approximately 10-12 minutes.

The fireworks show on July 4th is approximately 17-20 minutes.

Fireworks Shoot Site

The fireworks will be shot from Field #1 at Harrisburg Park. *Please note the ability to see the entire fireworks show can be affected by elements of which we have no control, such as wind direction and speed.

Please check back for updated information regarding the fireworks viewing locations.

Excellent - 90-100% of the show

Z-Max Blvd. parking lots - We offer event parking off of Z-Max Blvd. in Harrisburg. Z-Max Blvd. is located off Highway 49, between Morehead Road and Interstate 485.

Harris Depot Park - 6960 Harris Depot Road in Harrisburg is located off of Harris Depot Road and is home to the Harrisburg Farmer's Market. 

Stallings Park - 4050 Stallings Rd, Harrisburg, NC 28075

Fair - 50-75% of the show

Anderson Uniform Co. - 5630 NC-49, Harrisburg, NC 28075

Hickory Ridge High School - 7321 Raging Ridge, Harrisburg, NC 28075

State Employees' Credit Union - 5555 State Hwy 49, Harrisburg, NC 28075

Veterans Park - 4281 State Hwy 49, Harrisburg, NC 28075