Vision & Core Values

Tree lined pondHarrisburg will be the best small town in North Carolina based on low density housing, excellent economic opportunities, a safe living environment, and efficient and effective municipal services. Amenities such as excellent recreational programs, adequate open space, attractive shopping opportunities, a diversity of restaurants, and a connected system of roadways, sidewalks, greenways, and bicycle lanes will continue to enhance the quality of life of the Town. These services and amenities will be provided while retaining reasonable tax rates and debt levels.


This vision for Harrisburg is supported by the following core values:

  1. We value our identity as a small town and believe that everything possible should be done to maintain that identity even as our population grows.
  2. Having a connected system of open space, bikeways, greenways, sidewalks, and a pleasing variety of recreational opportunities enhance the quality of life of Harrisburg.
  3. We believe that a renewed emphasis on economic development, especially the creation of highly skilled and well-paying jobs, which will support an attractive balance of commercial and residential components in our tax base, is critical to developing a Town characterized by sustainable growth.
  4. Our appeal as a small town is based partly on the natural beauty and history of the area, which requires us to engage our citizens in a continuing program of preserving and enhancing that beauty and of preserving our historical assets.
  5. We believe in supporting citizen engagement and involvement in all matters relating to the well-being of our Town, and we believe that your Town government should actively seek ways to encourage open communications with our citizens.  

Adopted July 7, 2008