Mayor’s Message

Welcome Harrisburg Community,Jennifer Teague

Thank you for visiting our Town website. Whether you are a resident, business owner, or visitor we are pleased you are here. 

With a population of over 18,000 and growing, rich history and close proximity to both Concord and Charlotte, Harrisburg is a great place to call home. Today, Harrisburg enjoys the diversity in our residents, homes and cultures. We are proud of our neighborhoods, churches, businesses, parks and recreational activities and are committed to focusing on the future of our Town.  

What makes Harrisburg so special? You will probably get a variety of different answers, but I personally believe it is the people that make up our Town. Forging connections and developing relationships is key to engaging our community. We want you to be involved and I encourage you to step in and truly be a part of all that we have to offer. The Town of Harrisburg is committed to working with the community to ensure that the Town effectively serves its citizens, neighborhoods and businesses to help all succeed while nurturing our strong sense of place. 

I want you to always feel comfortable emailing or calling your elected Town Officials and Town Employees with questions. We value your comments and feedback. To best serve the Harrisburg community, the Town uses a variety of communication platforms to share information about its services, programs, and resources. This website is among these channels and our staff will continue to update and evaluate additional opportunities to improve its features and functionality to better serve you.  We also use various social media platforms to reach a broader population with updates on Town events and happenings. Please consider subscribing to our Town’s e-newsletter and engage in these forms of communication.  

If you are already a part of our community, thank you. If you are considering relocating your home or business to Harrisburg, I encourage you to visit and see what our town has to offer. You will not be disappointed.

I look forward to serving you and our town as Mayor!

- Mayor Jennifer Teague

View Town Council’s Vision and Core Values statement.

About the Mayor

Mayor Jennifer Teague was sworn in to office on Monday, December 13, 2020. Read more about Jennifer Teague.