Parks & Recreation Projects

Project Information

For more information, please call Harrisburg Parks and Recreation at 704-455-7275.

Last Updated: January 23, 2018

  1. Harrisburg Park
  2. Pharr Mill Park
  3. Stallings Park
  4. Harris Depot Park
  5. Back Creek Greenway
  6. Harris Square Green Space

Master Plan

Mountain Bike Trail Expansion

Utilizing the recently completed master plan for the park, local volunteers have taken charge in expanding the mountain bike trail system at Harrisburg Park. The trail system will be expanded into the west end of the park, making use of the recently acquired property last year. All work is being conducted by volunteers led by Jason Marshall and the members of the Tarheel Trail Blazers bike group.

Trail expansions are a work in progress with anticipation of completing a circuit in early spring 2018. Once completed the trail system will be approximately 3.5 miles adding nearly 3 miles to the existing system.

In addition to the trail project, the group is constructing a pump track, a small circuit track system designed to improve trail riding abilities and overall biking skills. Pump tracks are widely popular among all ages but serve as great trainer systems for younger and developing riders. These projects should have little to no impact on the public or the park.

View a Map of the Expanded Mountain Bike Trail (PDF).