Eligibility & Application

All coaches utilized for our youth sports teams do so on a volunteer basis. All volunteer coaches and helpers with Harrisburg Parks and Recreation are required to submit the current Coaching Application, Code of Conduct, and Volunteer Waiver prior to EACH season to be eligible to coach. A valid background check is required annually and must be renewed before expiring if during a sports season. A Parks & Recreation photo ID badge is required to be worn by all approved coaches, assistants, and helpers at all practices and games. If you plan to help in any aspect during practices or games of your child or others (coaching, on the sidelines, in the dugout, etc.), you are required to fill out the documents and get a photo ID badge to be worn. The Parks & Recreation ID badge is in ADDITION to the email/ID card notification received from BIB after background approval. This is done for the safety of everyone in our program.

Volunteers and Selection Process

Submission of a coaching application does not guarantee a coaching position. Coaches are picked at the discretion of the Harrisburg Parks & Recreation athletic coordinators and/or youth sports volunteer coordinators. Anyone interested in being a head coach must complete the required items AND reach out to the coordinator for the sport/age group to discuss interest and opportunities. Selecting "Yes" in player registration prompts only indicates an availability/interest in coaching. The following additional steps must be taken if you want to be considered for a coaching position.

Required Coaching Documents/Applications - see steps below for process

Steps Required for Volunteering with Youth Sports

  1. Submit a Volunteer Coaching Application, Coaches Code of Conduct, and Volunteer Waiver, Release & Indemnity Form prior to EACH season you are interested in coaching a team. Check to be sure you receive a confirmation of receipt from [email protected] immediately after you submit the documents.
  2. Submit a Criminal Records Check Authorization for approval if you do not already have a valid/approved background check on file. Background Checks are valid for one year from approval date. Background checks are not required for anyone under the age of 18. Check to make sure you have received a confirmation of request from BIB (Background Investigation Bureau). 
  3. Contact the age-specific coordinator of the sport you want to coach to notify them that you want to be considered for a coaching position. Coordinator contact emails are on the last page of the current season's sports information sheet. Do NOT wait to be contacted if you want to be considered for a head coaching position! If you want to be assigned to a specific team/coach as their assistant, reach out to the coordinator to discuss a placement. If you are interested in being an assistant coach or team helper for whatever team your player is playing on, let the head coach know when they contact you regarding the first practice. Note: Applicants selected to be head coaches will be notified as soon as possible - additional approvals/documents may still be needed prior to the season beginning. Applicants for assistant coaching positions will not be contacted by a coordinator unless there is a specific need to be addressed.
  4. Wait to receive an email from BIB SecureVolunteer regarding your approval status if you submitted a criminal records authorization (approximately 3-7 days after submission).
  5. Plan a time to come by the Harrisburg Park and Recreation office during operating hours to have a photo ID badge printed with current expiration date if you do not already have a valid one. The office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our office is located in Town Hall - first floor, on the left, past the elevator. No appointment is necessary.

Additional Information

If you have any additional questions, please contact Harrisburg Parks and Recreation at 704-455-7275.

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