Capital Improvement Plan

The Town of Harrisburg's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a five year plan identifying the Town's capital outlay and improvement needs. As a long-range plan, the CIP reflects the Town's policy regarding long range physical and economic development. By providing a planned schedule of public improvements, the CIP outlines present and future public needs and priorities. Expenditures in which the cost exceeds $5,000 and the estimated useful life is greater than one year are considered capital improvements, these include:

  • Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Land Acquisition
  • Plans
  • Projects

The CIP is a planning tool designed to aid our policy makers in the acquisition and orderly replacement of capital assets.

Ongoing Process

Capital project planning is an ongoing process. Each year, the CIP document is updated. The need or idea for capital improvements can originate from the Mayor, Council, Citizens or Town staff. These items are compiled into the CIP document and presented to the Town Council each year. Through the annual planning retreat and the Capital Committee, the Council focuses on prioritizing expenditures. 

Adoption of the CIP by the Town Council does not constitute a commitment to fund a particular item, but rather signifies an intention to fund capital outlay at the indicated level during the ensuing years.

A CIP must be updated each year. Adopting a CIP does not end with the first year. Changing needs and priorities, emergencies, cost changes, mandates and changes in technology all require the CIP to be updated annually. Constantly in need of repair, replacement or expansion, are the Towns:

  • Equipment
  • Infrastructure
  • Parks
  • Public Facilities
  • Streets, etc.