Employee Health & Wellness Initiative

The Town of Harrisburg's wellness vision for employees is to "Live a Healthier You Each Day." By partnering with health and wellness experts, we are able to offer employees a variety of wellness initiatives throughout the year that focus on nutrition, fitness, mental health, disease prevention, financial health and other relevant topics.  

Employees can choose to participate in fitness challenges, wellness competitions, Town-sponsored lunch and learns and other events. 

Town of Harrisburg Health & Wellness Mission Statement

Integrating wellness into work while having fun, getting healthy and learning how to be our best physically and mentally. Fostering a workplace culture that supports our desires to make healthy choices.

Through programs, services, policy development and program planning, employee wellness will:

•    Improve employee health and well-being

•    Empower employees with health education and lifestyle skills that enable them to achieve their best possible health

•    Positively affect employee morale and job satisfaction

•    Optimize performance and productivity

•    Provide a valued, tangible employee benefit

These goals are accomplished through a comprehensive package of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention programs and services, and includes consultation to departments, employee groups and individuals to meet specific health needs.

Values & Philosophy

The Town of Harrisburg's commitment to an employee health improvement program is based on recognition that a healthy, productive workforce is critical to achieving the Town’s mission.

•    We place the highest value on confidentiality, trust and respect.

•    We implement effective educational methodologies to increase awareness and to create and sustain lifestyle change.

•    We are committed to cost-effective utilization of Town resources.

•    We build capacity by collaborating with other organizations whenever possible.

•    We are committed to high standards of excellence, quality, ethics and integrity.

•    We are responsive to emerging health concerns, needs and interests.