The Finance Department establishes and maintains an accounting and reporting system in accordance with North Carolina General Statutes, federal laws and regulations and generally accepted accounting principles. The Finance Department responsibilities include:

  • Provides management with required financial information for strategic and operational planning
  • Manages cash to maximize investment income and cash flow
  • Records receipt of revenues 
  • Provides for disbursement of the Town's funds in accordance with policies and guidelines
  • Provides financial management for all Town funds, including the Town’s investment and debt portfolios

The Finance Department is divided into two divisions: Accounting and Customer Service.

Accounting Division

The Accounting Division is responsible for general accounting, financial reporting, payroll and budget management. All financial records for the Town are maintained and the Accounting Division prepares various financial reports including the Town’s annual financial statements. The accounting system is maintained in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Customer Service Division

The Customer Service Division is responsible for utility billing and collection, residential services, tax collection and all other general customer inquiries.