Flushing Water Lines

The Harrisburg Fire Department works with the Public Works Department to flow testing over 800 fire hydrants located throughout the town to maintain compliance with the town's insurance ratings and to ensure hydrants are functioning properly in the event of a fire. The testing is conducted periodically and every effort is made, whenever possible, to notify residents and businesses located near testing areas to expect temporary water discoloration.

Water Discoloration

Specific neighborhoods, such as Heatherstone, can expect to experience a larger degree of water discoloration during flow testing. This is due to the fact that structures historically serviced with well water have increased amounts of residue in their pipes. Although structures transition to town water, the residue from well water remains in the pipes and increases water discoloration during the flushing process.

If you experience water discoloration or changes in your water service, please contact the Customer Service Department at 704-455-5614 or email Customer Service.