Harrisburg Law Enforcement

Since Harrisburg’s incorporation, the Town has partnered with Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office to offer residents law enforcement services. The partnership is a fiscally responsible way to bring a wide range of high-level services that receive statewide recognition to the community.

The 15 assigned Sheriff’s deputies spend 100% of their time in Harrisburg. They respond to calls, enforce laws and ordinances, investigate accidents and crimes and provide community policing services.

Because Harrisburg is served by the Sheriff’s Office, the Town benefits from a seamless connection with their support services, including the County’s 9-1-1 center, dispatch of fire and law enforcement, records department, booking and jail services, crime scene investigation, criminal investigation, K-9 units, SWAT, bomb squad, negotiators, animal control, civil process and administrative services. Outside of contracted services, the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office also provides School Resource Officers at each school in Harrisburg.

Harrisburg’s deputies are part of the community. You see them around town, building relationships with the people and businesses of Harrisburg. They want to know you and they want to know what’s important to you.

Because the Town and Sheriff’s Office work together, Harrisburg residents get the operational benefits of a large force, while keeping with the personable feel of their close-knit community.

Learn more about the Cabarrus County’s Sheriff’s Office.

Cabarrus County Non-emergency Line: 704-920-3000

Other Resources

Anonymous Drug Tip Hotline: 704-788-0188

Crime Stoppers: 704-93CRIME or 704-932-7463 https://cabarruscrimestoppers.com/

Crime and Wreck Reports are available at no charge in person or online at https://cabarruscounty.us/departments/records-and-civil.

Crime Statistics

June 2020

The average non-emergency response time in June 2020 was 6 minutes and 20 seconds.

06/01/2020-06/30/2020 Crime Data

06/01/2020-06/30/2020 Traffic Accidents

May 2020

The average non-emergency response time in May 2020 was 6 minutes and 17 seconds.

05/01/2020-05/31/2020 Crime Data

05/01/2020-05/31/2020 Traffic Accidents

April 2020

The average non-emergency response time in April 2020 was 6 minutes and 31 seconds.

04/01/2020-04/30/2020 Crime Data

04/01/2020-04/30/2020 Traffic Accidents

March 2020

The average non-emergency response time in March 2020 was 6 minutes and 25 seconds.

03/01/2020-03/31/2020 Crime Data

03/01/2020-03/31/2020 Traffic Accidents

February 2020

The average non-emergency response time in February 2020 was 5 minutes and 57 seconds.

02/01/2020-02/29/2020 Crime Data

02/01/2020-02/29/2020 Traffic Accidents

January 2020

The average non-emergency response time in January 2020 was 6 minutes and 17 seconds.

01/01/2020-01/31/2020 Crime Data

01/01/2020-01/31/2020 Traffic Accidents