1. Yard Waste Collection
  2. Bulk Item Collection
  3. Submitting a Request

The Town of Harrisburg offers a weekly collection of leaves, grass and yard waste. The same streets can only be collected once per week. At peak times, such as during autumn leaf collection, pick-up schedules may vary due to increased workload.


  • Leaves and grass must be loose (not bagged) and placed behind the curb (not in the road, but within 4 to 6 feet of the curb).
  • Leaves and grass cannot be mixed with: 
    • Brush
    • Dirt
    • Paper
    • Rocks
    • Sticks
    • Other debris
  • If other items are mixed with leaves and grass, the entire load will not be picked up.
  • Yard waste must be at least 8 feet from any sign, water meter, landscaping, mailbox or other stationary object, and away from any low overhead lines.
  • Yard waste consisting of brush must have limbs not to exceed 6 feet in length, stacked loosely with cut ends parallel to the street.
  • Yard waste consists of shrubs or tree limbs, flowers and plants only.
  • If yard waste equals less than a truckload, there is no charge. A full truckload (16 feet long by 6 feet wide by 4 feet high) costs $100.

The yard waste routes and delays due to the Town's holiday schedule can be found below. Contact Customer Service at 704-455-5614 with any questions.3655-23_Harrisburg_GarbageRecycling_Cal_2023-2-02