Fee Schedule

Planning Fees
Application TypeReview FeeApproving Agency
Conveyance Plat$10.00 per new lotPlanning Staff
Preliminary Plat$1000.00 plus $5.00 per lotTown Council
Preliminary Plat - Minor Revision$250.00Planning Staff
Preliminary Plat - Major Revision$500.00Town Council
Final Plat - Major Subdivision$200.00 per mapPlanning Staff
Final Plat - Minor Subdivision$50.00 per map sheetPlanning Staff
Recombination Plat$50.00 per map sheetPlanning Staff
Letter of Credit Review (including releases)$100.00Engineering Staff
Plat Approval Extension$150.00Town Council
Sketch Plat Review$100.00Planning Staff
Subdivision Construction Plans$500.00 plus $5.00 per acreEngineering Staff
Minor Site Plan Review$500.00 plus $5.00 per acrePlanning Staff
Zoning Case Fees
Application TypeReview FeeApproving Agency
Vested Rights$400.00Town Council
Vested Rights Extension$150.00Town Council
UDO Text Amendments$500.00Town Council
Rezoning Amendment - Residential$400.00 plus $5.00 per acreTown Council
Rezoning Amendment - Nonresidential/Mixed Use$600.00 plus $5.00 per acreTown Council
Conditional Use Permit$600.00 plus $5.00 per acreBoard of Adjustment
Conditional District Rezoning$1000.00 plus $5.00 per acreTown Council
Re-advertising cost (due to applicant action)Greater of $200 or actual costPlanning Staff
Architectural Review$50.00Planning Board
Appeal of Planning Board Decision on Architectural Review$250.00Town Council
Rezoning Protest Petition$250.00Town Council
Street Name Change Petition$500.00 plus street sign costsTown Council
Variance Application - Residential$500.00Board of Adjustment
Variance Application - Nonresidential$600.00Board of Adjustment
Appeal of Administrator Decision/Interpretation Request$250.00Board of Adjustment
Zoning Permit Fees
Permit TypeFeeApproving Agency
Single, Two Family Structures, and Mobile Homes$50.00Planning Staff
Single Family Attached/Multi-Family$50.00 plus $5.00 per unitPlanning Staff
Residential Addition/Accessory Structures$50.00Planning Staff
Commercial, Institutional, and Industrial$100.00Planning Staff
Temporary Construction Trailers$75.00Planning Staff
Certificate of Occupancy - Nonresidential$75.00Planning Staff
Certificate of Occupancy - Residential$50.00Planning Staff
Sign Permits - Permanent Sign$100.00Planning Staff
Sign Permits - Temporary Sign$25.00Planning Staff
Certificate of Non-Conformity Adjustment$50.00Planning Staff
Outdoor Advertising Sign (Billboard)$1000.00Planning Staff
Engineering Review Fees
Application TypeFeeApproving Agency
Residential Construction Plans (Water/Sewer)$2500.00 plus $100 per acreEngineering Staff
Residential Construction Plans (Roadway/Storm Water System)$2500.00 plus $100 per acreEngineering Staff
Residential Construction Plans (Storm Water Quality/Detention)$2000.00 plus $100 per acreEngineering Staff
Commercial Construction Plans (Water/Sewer)$2500.00 plus $100 per acreEngineering Staff
Commercial Construction Plans (Roadway/Storm Water System)$2500.00 plus $100 per acreEngineering Staff
Commercial Construction Plans (Storm Water Quality/Detention)$2000.00 plus $100 per acreEngineering Staff
NCDOT Utility Encroachment Application Review$100.00Engineering Staff
NCDOT Driveway Permit Review$50.00Engineering Staff
NCDENR-DWQ Application Review/Execution$100.00Engineering Staff
NCDENR-PWS Application Review/Execution$100.00Engineering Staff
Letter of Intent to Serve - Water and Sewer$500.00 plus water model feeEngineering Staff
Conditional Rezoning Plan Review$200.00Town Council
Preliminary Plat Review$300.00Town Council
Annual Storm Water BMP Inspection/Certification Review$300.00Engineering Staff
Fire Inspection Program Fees
Periodic Inspection (State Mandated)None
Foster Care Safety Inspection$25.00
Group Home Safety Inspection$25.00
Residential Home Safety EvaluationNone
Commercial Building and Site Plan Review Fees (Fire)
Commercial Plans or Commercial Upfit Fees Based on Square Footage 
     Less than 4,999$200.00
     5,000 to 9,999$250.00
     10,000 to 24,999$350.00
     25,000 to 49,999$500.00
50,000 or greater$.020 per sq. ft.
Commercial/Subdivision Preliminary Site Plan Review$200.00
Subdivision Plat/Site Plan Review$200.00
**Note:  For multi-tenant buildings, fees are per tenant 
Note: Any new construction/upfits without plans or permits will result in permit fee doubled.
Fire Plans Review
Fixed Fire Suppression System (Hood System Ansul)$200.00
Fire Alarm System$250.00
Sprinkler System$250.00, $100.00 for each additional system/zone
Stand Pipe System$200.00
Fire Pump & Related Equipment$200.00
ABC Permit$150.00
**Note:  For Multi-tenant buildings, fees are per tenant 
Fire Prevention Education Program Fees
Public Education EventsNone
Fire Prevention for Business/IndustryMaterial Cost Reimbursement
Installation, Construction, and Operation Permit Fees
Blasting - 90 Days$200.00 per site
Explosive Storage$200.00
Carnivals & Fairs$200.00
Covered Mall Buildings$200.00
Exhibits & Trade Shows$150.00 (each)
Fireworks Display:  Outdoor/Indoor$200.00 (per day)
Pyrotechnical Special Effects Materials$200.00
Hydrant Flow Test$50.00 (per hydrant)
Spraying and Dipping Operations$150.00
Temporary Membrane Structure, Tents/Canopies$50.00 each
Under/Above Ground Storage Tank Installation, Upgrade, Removal$200.00 (per tank)
Fumigation and Thermal Insecticidal Fogging$150.00
Liquid or Gas Fueled Vehicles or Equipment in Assembly Buildings$150.00 (per vehicle)
Fire Fines
Occupying a Structure Without a Certificate of Occupancy$500.00 (each day)
Life Safety Violations of Chapter 10 involving exit obstructions per NC Fire Code$500.00 (each)
All Open Burning Violations per the Fire Protection Ordinance$100.00 (each)
All Other Violations of the North Carolina Fire Code$150.00 (each)
Parking in a Marked Fire Lane$100.00
Life Safety Equipment Installed Without a Permit$500.00
Life Safety Equipment Installed Without Plans$500.00
Note: Construction/upfits without plans or permit will be fined $250.00.
Note:  Any system installation prior to plans being reviewed or permit issued will result in fees doubled.
Note:  Any system considered life safety that is installed without a permit will result in a citation being issued for $500.00.
Miscellaneous Fees
DVD of Planning Board/Town Council meeting$5.00
Copy of Unified Development Ordinance$35.00
17" x 22" Maps (ANSI C)$10.00
22" x 34" Maps (ANSI D)$15.00
34" x 44" Maps (ANSI E)$20.00

Review Fees

Review fees cover initial submittal, and the second submittal addressing comments.  If a third submittal is required, an additional fee will be collected.  Fees are due at time of submittal for review to commence.

Double Permit Fees

Where construction begins without the appropriate permits in place, permit costs shall be doubled.

Effective Date

All fees have an effective date of July 1, 2015.