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fire advisory board
When the Town of Harrisburg incorporated the Fire Department as a town service in 2006, a five-person Harrisburg Fire Department Advisory Board was created. This board consists of three persons from the incorporated town area, to be selected by the Board and approved by the Town Council, and two persons from the un-incorporated area to be selected by the Board, first approved by the Town Council, with final approval from the County Commission. The members may not be Fire Department employees. In addition, the Advisory Board may recommend that the Town Council appoint an ex-officio (non-voting) member who may be an employee of the Fire Department. The board's primary purposes are to advise the Town Council, Town Administrator and the Fire Chief on matters of policy, administration and operations. Additionally, the board will advise the Town Administrator and Town Council in financial planning, which shall include the acquisition of equipment, procurement of property construction of new buildings and remodeling current buildings. The Board shall also track the progress of the Fire Department's key objectives as outlined in the annual report and review the Harrisburg Fire Department By-Laws on an annual basis, recommending any changes to Harrisburg Town Council for final approval.

Advisory Board's By-Laws