Why does the fire department have so many trucks?

Currently, Harrisburg Fire Department operates four engine companies, one ladder company, one heavy rescue unit, one brush unit and one specialized swiftwater rescue unit. Each of these units are used for a specific purpose whether it be putting water on a fire, ventilating above a fire, extricating victims from an auto collision, transporting equipment and personnel to water emergencies, or putting out forestry fires. According to the Office of State Fire Marshal we are in need of a fifth engine to continue our current insurance rating.

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1. How big is your service area and population?
2. How many calls for emergency service do you get each year?
3. What is your average response time to emergencies?
4. Why does a fire engine respond to medical emergencies?
5. How many stations does your Department have?
6. How many firefighters are on shift?
7. How do I schedule a Fire Prevention Activity?
8. What do I do when I see an emergency vehicle approaching when I am driving?
9. Why do I see fire trucks around town?
10. Why do the fire trucks turn on their lights to back into the station bays?
11. What do I do if a fire truck is on the side of the road at an emergency scene?
12. Will the fire department call me and ask for a donation?
13. Why does the fire department have so many trucks?
14. How can I request a smoke detector installation?
15. Who do I call for fire insurance related questions?
16. How can I help?