Harrisburg July 4th Celebration Logo

Tickets for Amusements

A combination of rides will be at the event. There is a fee for tickets to ride the amusements. Tickets vary per ride (2-6 tickets per amusement).


$1 per ticket or $15 for 20 tickets. 

Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted for payment for tickets. No refunds. 

Ticket booths are located in the main concession stand on the lower four field complex (between Fields #2 and #3). Please visit the ticket booths for a listing of rides and tickets required per ride. Tickets purchased on July 3rd may be used on July 4th.


WRISTBANDS (All you Can Ride):

Wristbands will be available for purchase for the amusements. 

$20 for a one day wristband

$30 for a two day wristband

We encourage families to bring their lawn chairs and blankets.

Please, no coolers, no pets and no alcohol. Harrisburg Park is a tobacco/vape/e-cigarette free park.

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