Sidewalk Projects

Paid for by Transportation Bond 

The Transportation Bond was approved in November 2017 for $4 million to be used for road, sidewalk and corridor improvements throughout Town.

Sidewalk Design and Construction Projects

Design of new sidewalk along the following major corridors will begin in Fall 2019: Caldwell Road, Stallings Road, Harris Depot Road, Kee Lane and other areas identified as needing sidewalk connectivity.

Caldwell Road Sidewalk

The Town has contracted Kimley Horn Associates to design a sidewalk on Caldwell Road which will tie in on the North end to the existing sidewalk on the bridge near Harrisburg Industrial Park Drive and tie in in front of Ace Academy on the South end of the project. The project will also include a rapid flashing beacon for pedestrian crossing. Caldwell Road is owned and maintained by NCDOT. The Town will coordinate with NCDOT for review and approval of the sidewalk. 

  • Estimated Design Completion Date: Spring 2020
  • Estimated Construction Completion Date: Winter 2020

Stallings Road

The design and construction of sidewalk along Stallings Road is developer driven at this time, due to two new developments going in on Stallings Road. The Town will continue to work with developers to ensure that the final sidewalk design is a best fit for the town. 

Harris Depot Road

Harris Depot Road is currently NCDOT maintained, but will be turned over to the Town in Spring of 2020 after stormwater improvements have been made by NCDOT. Once the Town accepts the road into its maintenance system, design and construction of sidewalks will begin. 

  • Estimated Design Completion Date: Fall 2020
  • Estimated Construction Completion Date: Summer 2021

Kee Lane

Sidewalk was installed on the east side of Kee Lane by developers for Firestone and Novant Health. 

  • Construction Completion Date: Fall 2019