Caldwell Road Extension

Paid for by Transportation Bond 

Transportation Bond was approved in November 2017 for $4 million to be used for road, sidewalk and corridor improvements throughout Town. Major projects identified are: Road Resurfacing, Sidewalk Construction, Major Intersection Improvements and Hwy 49 Corridor Improvements. Funding of the bond had to wait until July 1, 2018 and bond authorization requires the Town to execute funding within seven years of bond approval, with the Town having the option to extend it out to 10 years if desired. A significant number of projects will be initiated in 2019-2020. 


This project involves the design of the Caldwell Road Extension, which will extend North of the existing intersection of Caldwell Road and NC Highway 49 toward Highway 29, and is intended to promote economic growth and development in the area. The design will include design of roadway, alignment, survey and right-of-way plans. The design will also incorporate items including, but not limited to, design of sidewalk, permitting, environmental permitting, and intersection improvements.

Feasibility study completed, pending funding for design and construction