Town Clerk

Municipal Clerks are the hub of government, the direct link between citizens and their government. The Clerk is the historian of the community and caretaker of the recorded history of the town. 

The Town Clerk serves the Mayor, the Town Council, the Town Manager and all administrative departments, and is called upon, almost daily, for information and coordination of the multi-departmental city administration.

Legal Notices

Harrisburg Town Council holds public hearings to receive citizen input and as required by law. When notice is required, the Town Clerk's office generally posts notices in "a newspaper of general circulation" as required by law. Typically, these notices are placed in the classified section of the newspaper under the “Legal Notices” heading.

Public Records

Public records are managed by the Harrisburg Town Clerk, who serves as custodian of all legal documents for the Town of Harrisburg. Records contain agendas, records of Town Council actions, and the permanent public record of Town Council minutes, ordinances and contracts.

The Town Clerk maintains board and council membership information, administers oaths of office and publishes the Council Meeting Schedule. The Town Clerk also publishes legal notices of public hearings, advisory board vacancies and other matters in local newspapers.