Small Area Plans

As a result of the Town of Harrisburg's 2015 Market Analysis and Economic Development Implementation Plan (PDF), Harrisburg Town Council has identified three key development areas within town limits. Small area plans will be created for each of these areas to guide attractive and sustainable economic development. Emphasis will be placed on maximizing existing assets and infrastructure, including:

  • Transportation, recreation and utilities
  • Increasing the Town's economic health and commercial tax base
  • Supporting Harrisburg's hometown values: family, community and quality of life

Small area plans will identify land uses and conceptualize best practice development scenarios for community consensus. In priority order, small area plans encompass the following areas: Morehead West (bordered by Highway 49, Morehead Road, Highway 29 and the Cabarrus County line at Harrisburg's western gateway); Harrisburg Town Center; and Rocky River Road at Interstate 485.

View the Morehead West Small Area Plan Flipbook.

Additional Information

Contact Planning and Economic Development Director Sushil Nepal by email or at 704-455-0709 if you have questions.

Morehead West Documents