Zoning 101

Zoning is a technique used by local governments in land use planning to regulate how land is used and what functions can be performed in businesses located on that land. Property is zoned into commercial and residential uses, so a commercial building cannot be built in a residential neighborhood and vice versa, unless there is a change, or amendment, in zoning ordinances. Additional zoning districts may be added from time to time upon the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Board to the Town Council. Click here for Official Zoning Map

  1. Zoning Districts
  2. Overlay Districts
  3. Conditional Zoning Districts

Zoning Districts Key

The Town of Harrisburg is divided into the following zoning districts:

  • AG: Agricultural District
  • NC: Neighborhood Commercial/Office District
  • GC: General Commercial DistrictZoningPyramid
  • CC: City Center District
  • CD: Campus Development District
  • EC: Employment Center District
  • O-I: Office-Institutional District
  • PUD: Planned Unit Development District
  • RE: Rural Estate District
  • RL: Residential Low Density
  • RM: Residential Medium Density
  • RH: Residential High Density
  • MU: Mixed Use District
  • TND: Traditional Neighborhood Development District
  • TOD: Transit Oriented Development District