Starting a Business

Thank you for choosing Harrisburg to start your business. We have compiled a list to help you through the beginning stages of this process. View the Small Business Start-Up Checklist (PDF)

Before leasing or purchasing a property, you should contact the Harrisburg Planning and Zoning Department to discuss your plans. Please call 704-455-0738 to make an appointment with a planner.

Small Business Start-Up Checklist

  • Conduct the appropriate research on your industry and develop a Business Plan. The North Carolina SBTDC is a business advisory resource for growing and existing businesses. Their website provides a useful business Start-Up and Resource guide (PDF).
    • Business Link North Carolina or (called Blink) provides excellent support as you start a business in North Carolina. You can find information on business structure, license and permits, tax information and employer requirements on their website.
  • Select a Business name and register that name. Visit the North Carolina Office of the Secretary of Statewebsite to browse their database and research business names already established in the state. Try to choose a name that is different from any other business name already registered in the state.
    • Registering the name of your business
      • To file for a sole proprietorship or general partnership business name, download a Certificate of Assumed Name form (PDF). File that form with the Cabarrus County Register of Deeds Office by phone at 704-920-2112 or their office located at:
        65 Church Street E
        Concord, NC 28025

        P.O. Box 707
        Concord, NC 28026
      • To file a Corporation, LLC, LLP, or Limited Partnership: Download the form from the North Carolina Secretary of State Office Corporations Division or call 919-807-2225.
    • Corporations must file an Articles of Incorporation form with the North Carolina Secretary of State Corporations Division Phone: 919-807-2255
  • If you plan to build or make changes to your commercial building, you need to obtain a Zoning Permit (PDF) from the Town of Harrisburg at:
    Town Hall
    4100 Main Street
    Harrisburg, NC 28075
    • Generally, receiving a zoning permit is the first step in the development process, followed by applying and receiving a building permit from Cabarrus County Construction Standards.
  • The Town of Harrisburg requires all businesses to file a business registration form. Registration is free and must be renewed each calendar year. This information helps the town track business types and notifies them of policy changes. Email this form or return to the Planning and Economic Development Department.
  • Home-based businesses are regulated by the Town of Harrisburg’s Unified Development Ordinance. Not all home occupations require that you obtain a home occupation permit, refer to Article 5 Section 5.12 page 5 through 16 to see if your home occupation is listed.

  • Verify any operating restrictions that your business may have, including Landlord restrictions, covenant and other Town/County ordinances.

  • Obtain a sign permit (PDF) from the Town of Harrisburg Planning and Economic Development Department.

  • If you have or plan to have employees you must complete several requirements. Business Link North Carolina provides instructions on how to register as an employer, unemployment insurance and worker’s compensation insurance. This includes applying for federal and state withholding numbers.

    • For Federal Identification Numbers (EINs) contact the Internal Revenue Service or call 800-829-4933 If necessary, acquire a Federal Employer Identification Number through the Department of Revenue (IRS).

    • For State Sales Tax and State Withholding Tax Numbers contact the North Carolina Department of Revenue or call 877-252-3052.

  • Obtain the necessary tax information. Taxation for small businesses may be simple or complex, depending on the size and business structure. The tax liability for each business will be different and you should consult your attorney and accountant regarding comprehensive tax planning. Go to the Business Link North Carolina website to help identify tax requirements.

  • Identify sources of financing. Use trusted sources to review funding options for your small business, the Business Link North Carolina and the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) websites are a good place to start.