One of Harrisburg’s biggest strengths is its proximity to Charlotte and its interstate road system. Businesses wanting the accessibility of a major market with a lower cost to do business would find Harrisburg as the ideal strategic location.

Air Service

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is ranked 23rd busiest airport worldwide, with more than 700 daily flights and nonstop service to 150 destinations, including 39 international destinations.

Concord-Padgett Regional Airport

The Concord-Padgett Regional Airport is less than 15 minutes from Harrisburg and is widely known as the fastest way in and out of Charlotte. The airport is ranked as the 4th busiest in the state and features a 7,400-foot runway and a contract FAA Tower with full instrument approach. Allegiant Air is the first commercial passenger service in Concord and provides weekly flights to Florida destinations.



  • Duke Energy Corp, the largest power company in the U.S, provides power to the majority of Harrisburg and Cabarrus County.
  • Union Power Cooperative provides service to some areas in and around Harrisburg.

Natural Gas

  • Dominion Energy is the natural gas service provider that serves homes and businesses throughout the county.


AT&T, Windstream and TimeWarner Cable provide to residential and commercial customers the following services:

  • Cable
  • Internet and wireless
  • Local telephone service
  • Long distance
  • Voice service


Harrisburg gets its water supply from Lake Howell via the City of Concord. The town has the ability to acquire up to 1 MGD through this source. More information on business water and sewer rates can be found under Public Works. To apply for service, contact 704-455-5614.


Harrisburg is serviced by the Rocky River Waste Water Treatment Plant. The facility is owned and operated by the Water and Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County (WSACC). The Town of Harrisburg works closely with WSACC to comply with waste water allocation policies. As a result, the Town of Harrisburg has adopted a formal Wastewater Allocation and Commitment Policy, which can be found here.