Arts, Culture & Heritage Committee

  • Kimmy Roberts
  • Micah Cash
  • Jitendra Hiremath
  • Toni Wheeler Jenschke
  • Karen Andrade


The Town of Harrisburg Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee, a sub-committee of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, provides a voice, specific for the Arts, Culture and Heritage of the Harrisburg community. The Committee consists of individuals who live in the local region and community and have an interest in supporting and preserving: 

  • The arts of Harrisburg
  • Culture  
  • Events
  • History and heritage
  • Programs

Through monthly meetings, information obtained from the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee is provided to Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Town Council to help make informed decisions that support the arts, culture and heritage of the community.

Staff Liaisons

  • Daniel Stines, Parks and Recreation Director
  • Shawn Marble, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director

Town Council Liaison

  • Troy Selberg